Cryptocurrency – Who Are Involved With It?

Since the moment of Bitcoin’s appearance, I started some kind of a heavy research about the people involved with it and what the top entrepreneurs can say something regarding the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. A number of very notable and remarkable quotes from powerful global business entrepreneurs aware of their opinions that is related to blockchain technology, virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and free payment systems. One vital note is to take after sort of speak money trail. As one may have observe the investment of Venture Capital with these digital technologies and currencies which increased from just two million in 2012 to one billion in 2015.Seguir leyendoCryptocurrency – Who Are Involved With It?

3 Reasons Bitcoin Has Rallied Above $700

Recently, the price of the digital currency, Bitcoin, has risen to above $700, a multi-month high. In fact, Bitcoin is up around 16% over the past 30 days and up 62% year to date – making it the second best performing currency asset of the year so far, behind Ether, another digital currency based on blockchain technology. Some believe that the price is well on its way back to its previous all-time high in December 2013 of $1,200 or more. Why has the price rallied? Here are three possible reasons.Seguir leyendo3 Reasons Bitcoin Has Rallied Above $700